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Align the body quotient

Based on my training philosophy I have developed a totally new kind of training equipment for the areas strength, balance, stretching and coordination for exercising at home. Each device trains a different part of the body and aligns your body quotient.

For shoulder, chest and neck


195,00 €

Detachable Stretching Rod „Symmetry“

The stretching rod symmetry stretches the muscles of the upper body. Especially shoulder, chest and neck areas. It is detachable and can be substituted with the wooden discus-shaped pieces for the cross-walk.

Stretch the calf muscles


170,00 €

calf muscle stretcher „Achilles“

The “Achilles” calf stretcher is used to stretch the calf muscles, involving the entire back of the thigh. Achilles is made of solid wood with a non-slip tread.

Relax the back muscles


105,00 €

acupressure roller „Meridian“

The "Meridian" acupressure roller made of solid wood is used to relax the back muscles and stimulate the meridians of the spine. Meridian can be dismantled.

Stretch and strengthen the body


799,00 €

back stretcher „Pythagoras“

The “Pythagoras” back stretcher can be used to stretch and strengthen the body. It is collapsible and constructed in a special angular relationship.

Avoid incorrect loads


165,00 €

wrist support „Musculus“

The “Musculus” wrist supports prevent incorrect loads by supporting the wrists during any number of exercises. They are made of solid wood, can be completely dismantled and have special recessed handles.

Train all levels of motion


85,00 €

balance boards „Motorik“

The "Motorik" balance boards offer many setting options to train the foot muscles in all movement levels. They are made of wood, two parts, non-slip coated and can be dismantled into their individual parts.

Intensify foot muscle training


155,00 €

Balance gyroscope „Radius“

The “Radius” balance gyro intensifies foot muscle training in all movement levels. It is made of wood, can be used differently from both sides and is coated with non-slip treads.

Strengthen your back


Pull-up bar "Stabilo" women

210,00 €

Pull-up bar "Stabilo" men

220,00 €

The "Stabilo" pull-up bar is silver-colored, powder-coated and equipped with several handle variations.

Custom stretch


Holzwand „Variablo Sprossenwand mit Wadenbrett“

1080,00 € + Lieferkosten

The "Variablo" wooden wall can be used for stretching and strengthening and is made in special dimensions. It is compatible with the quilt, Achilles and the pull-up bar. "Variablo" wall bars made to measure,

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