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I am neither a doctor nor a therapist, therefore I do not treat in a medical-therapeutic sense. My BQ body concept is a holistic training method which combines experiences of sports rehabilitation with elements of personal training and alternative procedures like Tuina or deep level stretching. As to medical questions and diagnostic clarifications and questions about holistic care, I cooperate with doctors, alternative medicine practitioners and therapists.

By focused body training however, positive influences on many ailments like chronic pain syndromes are possible

There is no formula for this. Duration and intensity of your training depends on your own aims and possibilities. But what is needed is your firm resolution to change something in your life. So you do not have to train – you want to. I will help with this.

No. In principle, training is one-on-one. One session takes two hours. You decide with me how often and when you wish to train.

Children from age 4 can be trained by me. In principle, a body can be changed at will in any age. According to my experience even very aged persons react positively on exterior impulses. A senior’s capacity to react is not different from that of youngsters. The difference is only „in the head“. Mature persons tend to think that at an older age nothing is possible any more.

In my studio you find a discreet and above all, an esteeming place which will help you with methods suitable for you to reduce your weight. The training equipment I developed is designed for up to 300 kg.

Absolutely not. The training equipment was specially intended for body heights up to 2.20 meters and it can be adjusted individually.

No. In my studio neither energy drinks nor nourishment additions are offered. Part of my philosophy is healthy nourishment on a natural basis. For competent advice in these questions I cooperate with a specialised non-medical pratitioner, who will support you if you wish. For vitamin and energy boost during training I offer fresh bio fruits and energised water.

Costs vary and depend on duration, intensity and effort of the training. Accordingly, I offer different modules.

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