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To my clients I am the training companion on their healthy path. In their stories, some of the clients share their experience with the BQ body concept. I should be happy if you would like to share your experience with others here too. Just send me your stories per e-mail.

Even through my first exercise (and that on a fair ground) I became convinced that this was the beginning of a lengthy cooperation.

I was won over by his knowing and empathetic, honest, relaxed energetic charisma. Since then, my body, my mind, my soul have been able to gain many new experiences and end impressions in a protected, sweaty feel-good atmosphere.

Be it:

  • the release of the body from the stress of a disharmonious everyday work and deep-seated blockades
  • the discovery of your own possibilities, not only on the physical level
  • the confidence that Stefan knows the stress limits of my body better than I do
  • the experience that training in fitness and weight machines can be fun

But the nicest thing is not having to think and the most difficult not being allowed to think.

Carola, 46 years old, currently deliverer
Dresden in April 2013

And that's exactly how I did it. With supervised training in the fitness center, yoga, cycling and jogging, I have tried to keep fit in recent years. Nevertheless, my back and especially my shoulder and neck caused more and more problems. That was the reason why I called Stefan Otto.

I noticed his one hundred percent attention and very good observation skills from the very first appointment. On the one hand, Stefan Otto showed me my physical weaknesses and malfunctions, on the other hand strengthened my self-confidence with regard to the expected reserves when my construction sites are removed.

With his BQ body concept, Stefan Otto created the basis of trust for me!

After an endurance training with intense warming and constant control of the correct posture, on highly professional equipment and in a very pleasant studio atmosphere, the real work begins. With the deep stretching of the shortened muscles, Stefan Otto leads me with a high degree of patience and prudence beyond the supposed limits. The subsequent massage is sometimes very exhausting, but the subsequent relaxation is very beneficial.

In his holistic approach, Stefan Otto also provides instructions for daily exercises at home and healthy eating, as well as the contacts from his network.

In the meantime, I have already had some success in cycling. I'm now faster and easier on my road bike, and now I'm learning to walk properly

With his BQ studio, Stefan Otto relies on individual training and very personal support. I trust Stefan Otto.

Ute C. Schwarz, 52, freelance journalist

I HAVE A FIRST TRIAL TRAINING TWO YEARS AGO Back then I had back problems at shorter and shorter intervals and, as I know today, I was extremely immobile. Most of all, I wanted to improve my posture. After two years of working together, I am convinced that this path was worthwhile and thankful that I met Stefan. Thanks to a tailor-made training in a friendly, strict, motivating and at the same time compassionate manner, Stefan has significantly improved my flexibility, endurance, strength, posture and my own body awareness. Stefan is much more than a fitness trainer. He offers holistic health care as a personal trainer, nutritionist, coach and psychotherapist and much more in one person.

Thanks Stefan!
Thomas Trepmann, 48 years old, civil servant
Dresden in March 2013

they shape, embellish, complicate or simply help you master the moment.

Stefan Otto crossed my path at the Aktiv- und Vitalmesse 2012 in Dresden. Without knowing why, my daughter pushed me to him and within a few minutes Stefan had tested with his stretching rod to what extent my upper body was (still) flexible. A few days later I had an appointment with Stefan for a preliminary discussion and until then I didn't really know what to expect.

I have practiced sport throughout my childhood and youth, was an active swimmer and have never completely lost sight of the sport, although I neglected it a few years. Now that my daughters have grown up, I train in a gym two to three times a week, I am not overweight and therefore consider myself to be sporty. Due to my work in the office and the associated sitting posture at the desk, there was one or the other tension in the neck or arm, which I didn't attach any great importance to.
Already during the first training session with Stefan Otto it became clear to me that I not only had a tense neck, but that my mobility was already quite limited at the age of 47 and that my muscles receded due to incorrectly performing the exercises in my gym or too little stretching training was greatly shortened. My intervertebral disc was also moved, the incident was pre-programmed. So I decided to train with Stefan - only a short time was planned.

Even when greeted, Stefan recognizes through his open, open manner how you are, whether you are stressed, emotionally on the ground or just in a good mood. Accordingly, he turns to you and you don't even notice that you leave worries, problems and emotions behind, it only counts the training hour.
After warming up with high loads, the individual muscle groups are stretched by Stefan, which unfortunately does not go without pain. But in this way the entire musculature is loosened, so-called contaminated sites are combated, and mental blockages can also be released. During the entire training session, you are alone with Stefan, which means that you concentrate fully on yourself. This means that you train much more effectively, perform the exercises more precisely and perceive your body differently. Stefan gives clear instructions in his calm manner, an “I can no longer” does not count for him. It recognizes exactly where you still have reserves and leads you to your limits without exceeding them. After training, you feel more relaxed, freer, have an upright gait and go home confidently and full of energy.
Not only me, but also my daughter, who works with a lot of physical effort in nursing at a height of 1.57 m, now appreciates the training with Stefan very much.

Although I sometimes think of quitting when I'm at my pain threshold, only the thought will keep it. I don't want to miss the training sessions with Stefan Otto anymore. During the training with Stefan I can also totally switch off due to the pleasant atmosphere in his studio, hide the stress of recent times and not only go home physically, but also mentally strengthened, mostly with homework. I am much more agile, and the neck is no longer as tight as it was a year ago.

I still work out in my gym (which Stefan of course looked at), try to integrate the tips from him into my plan and never end the training without stretching accordingly.

Stefan is a person who shapes me, who complicates but ultimately beautifies it. He is often of great help to me simply by listening. I am very happy that our paths have crossed and I hope that we will go a long way together.

Sylke Schlegel, 48, Deputy Head of Human Resources | SKH Arnsdorf

"Hello Ms. Simon, please give Stefan Otto a call, he is looking for someone with a psychotherapeutic profile to work with ..." Hm, I thought at the time, a personal trainer who looks "outside the box" is rather unusual ... There should be many, consistently positive "surprises" to follow, and today I know that I can now work with one of the most extraordinary personal trainers and people I know.

Now I have to add that, among other things, I was trained in a long-term study in body-oriented psychotherapy, so I'm not entirely inexperienced in the matter of body and psyche. However, what I should learn from Stefan and what I am still learning far exceeds all my expectations.

After a first conversation, he suggested that I train for a while to get to know his philosophy and his "craft", and I agreed - after all, after several years of pure racing cycling, I wanted to jog moderately again and somehow this didn't work, without always to fall into extreme back pain after just a few kilometers, which means I would have needed a “specialist” here anyway.

After the most detailed and lengthy anamnesis (although I was wondering what Stefan Otto wanted to know), we started with warming. Even then, Stefan meticulously studied my posture on the devices, observed movements, checked various parameters. And I, who I always thought was pretty sporty and reasonably in good shape, felt like an old woman on the “simplest” devices, because Stefan constantly corrected: It shouldn't be quick, it should be done correctly, not so , but like this, again and again, with an angelic patience. And I felt muscles that I didn't know existed ...
His judgment at the end of the two hours was devastating: calves extremely shortened by racing bikes and only high shoes. Various asymmetries and massive blockages in the entire body, slightly underweight and quite weak and weak in large parts of the muscles. First off to the metabolism program, check blood values, bioimpedance measurement. Stefan works in the midst of a highly professional network - sports and other medical specialists, naturopaths, a chiropractor, osteopaths ... Immediate ban on racing bikes, young lady, here we have to learn to walk properly first, later, in a few weeks, very slowly on the treadmill ... First everything is fine struggled in me, but the philosophy made sense to me - if you "train" on existing blockages, then they will manifest, and despite "intensive training" everything will only get worse ...

What followed for months was already violent. Warming, condition, stretches and stretching in all variations, Tuina and various other trigger point massages (I was looking forward to the first one, now I know, massages with Stefan are different ...), infrared cabin ... Meanwhile, I go with various pains and aches and pains always to Stefan, because in the vast majority of cases I feel fine after his interventions.

A few words about his studio: the most extraordinary ambience, the finest materials, massage oils and fragrances, a wonderful color concept, selected music tailored to people and training. I never want to do without all this again. Thank you, Stefan, for getting me - and in the meantime also many of my own patients - so "on the way".

Sabine Iris Simon, psychotherapeutic naturopath in Dresden

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